Research Topics

Our research group studies structures subjected to dynamic loading such as wind or impact. We employ modern tools to gain new insight or enable new approaches that were not possible in the past. Examples include machine learning techniques, 3D printing, and nonlinear finite element analysis. Our research group has a good balance between experimental research and computational research.

Among a wide variety of problems, the following projects are either current or has been conducted within the past five years. However, we aim to continue to create new knowledge, and research or collaboration opportunities are not limited to the following.

  • Wind: wind effects on buildings and bridges, wind-induced damage and community resilience, hurricane surface winds, and wind turbine support structures.
  • Impact: crashworthiness of cutaway buses, energy absorption in 3D printed structures, and impact loading on piles.

  • Prospective Students

    Many interesting research opportunities exist in our laboratory. Availability of the funding changes from time to time, so please contact Dr. Jung for details (, 850-410-6386). Funded projects usually have pre-defined deliverables, and therefore, preference will be given to students who have research experience in a related topic. Self-sponsored students with external fellowships are also welcomed to join our laboratory. They would have much greater freedom to explore any topics of their choice.

    The laboratory is located at the joint college of engineering by Florida A&M University and Florida State University. A student may apply to (and get a degree from) one of the two universities that he or she prefers. The college of engineering is located at Tallahassee, Florida. The city offers great weather and easy access to many attractive places.