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Environmental Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Lab

At the Environmental Thermo-Fluid Dynamics Lab, we are engaged in a wide range of research topics pertinent to the basic dynamics of flow, mass and heat transport and their coupling at the interface between the atmosphere and the earth surface. Such interdisciplinary research problems are inherently of multiscale, multiphysics nature. Examples of current areas of interest include fluid dynamics and transport phenomena in and over complex terrains, energy performance and function of animal and human-built structures, and thermos-fluid dynamics of natural disasters. We use a variety of state of the art computational and theoretical methods and develop prognostic models to better understand the underlying physics in these complex problems.

Recent Publications

Saxena, S., & Yaghoobian, N. (2020). Stratification effects on flow and scalar transport through a deep cavity: A bioinspired examination. Physics of Fluids, 32(1), 015116. More info.

Fagundes, T. M., Ordonez, J. C., & Yaghoobian, N. (2020). How the thermal environment shapes the structure of termite mounds. Royal Society Open Science, 7(1), 191332. More info.

Fagundes, T. M., Yaghoobian, N., ROCHA, L. A. O., & Ordonez, J. C. (2018). Constructal design of branched conductivity pathways inserted in a trapezoidal body: A numerical investigation of the effect of body shape on optimal pathway structure. Proceedings of the Romanian Acadmey Series A-Mathematics Physics Technical Sciences Information Science, 19, 2970382. More info