@ A Glance

Dr. E. E. Kalu utilizes expertise in electrochemical science to address issues in the physics of synthesis and characterization of nano-composites, thin films and electrode materials for electrochemical power sources and environmental applications. For biomedical research, computational studies of both bioelectrical and bioelectrochemical phenomena in biological systems are being pursued. Dr. Kaluís projects entail formulating new theories, mathematical models, and experiments that contribute to the current level of understanding of processes and phenomena. Current research projects include the study of electrodeposition mechanism and characterization of semiconductor (CuInSe2) thin films for optoelectronic devices (e.g. solar cell applications), synthesis and characterization of fuel cell electrode materials, electrodiffusive model of electric field stimulation of single cardiac cell, simulation of calcium ion currents in the cardiac cell, and fuel cell (DMFC) model development.