Sea Memories Collection~  SUPPORTS

Mohsen has undertaken this huge project at his own expense. Mr. Mohsen has spent countless days cleaning the beaches of the Mediterranean and creating his beautiful artwork. However, Mohsen's museum has been expanding and he is always working on this project.  Support criterions for the project can be seen in the following bullets.

Accomplishments and Activities
Environmental Impact
Uses of Money
Model of Project

The project aims to have a global effect and encourages the work to be followed upon by other environmentalist and community groups.  The project also needs your support to expand and have a significant impact.    

You can contact him, and try to assist or support his work with the following contact information:
Sea Memory Collection
Lihidheb Mohsen
4170 Zarzis Tunisie
Tel: 216.75.706.144 / 216.75.706.566